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Clubs, Partnerships in Brooklyn Promote Student Success



Berkeley College Brooklyn Campus


The students at Berkeley College in Brooklyn are driven and motivated to learn. This campus is home to a Veterans Resource Center, and students have access to a wide variety of clubs and organizations.

The Justice Studies Club and the Healthcare Services Club are among the most popular at this campus, and members benefit from career development and business networking opportunities. The Sister Circle and the Male Forum are discussion groups that meet weekly under the direction of a personal counselor or advisor.

“The purpose of these discussion groups is to offer a supportive environment for our students and to empower them to succeed in college so that they can transition into rewarding careers,” said Iessa J. Sutton, Berkeley College Campus Operating Officer, Brooklyn.

Through the Student Development and Campus Life Department, Berkeley College students in Brooklyn are actively involved in community outreach. Volunteer activities include serving meals at a local soup kitchen and delivering meals to the homebound through the Meals on Wheels program. As part of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Berkeley College students join students from other local colleges in neighborhood cleanup projects.

“A large number of our students live locally, and plan on working locally, and they are eager to volunteer in their community,” Ms. Sutton said.

The Brooklyn location has strong partnerships with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations host networking events at the College that students are encouraged to attend. In addition, Berkeley College is one of nine colleges and universities in Brooklyn that have partnered with the Tech Triangle U consortium. The purpose of the consortium is to support economic development and the growth of technical and creative industries in downtown Brooklyn.

“These are very important partnerships that keep us actively connected with exciting and innovative businesses in downtown Brooklyn,” Ms. Sutton said. “These partnerships have allowed us to place our students in rewarding internships and careers.”

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