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Berkeley College Amy Soricelli

Day in the Life: Career Coach Thrives on Helping Alumni Find Jobs



Berkeley College Amy Soricelli


For more than 37 years, Amy Soricelli, Berkeley College Assistant Vice President, Career Services and Alumni Relations, has been helping college graduates in their job searches. Through the Berkeley College Lifetime Career Assistance* program, alumni can reach out to the Office of Career Services for help with job searches throughout their lives.

Empowering alumni in their job search

Once an alumnus reaches out for assistance, Ms. Soricelli ensures that they have access to the College’s Berkeley Connect website. She tutors alumni on the use of social media in their job search, reviews and critiques their resumes, offers advice on dressing for success, and conducts mock interviews.

“All of this can be done over the phone, but I love when alumni come to my office so that I can work with them in person,” said Ms. Soricelli, who has been working at Berkeley College for six years. “I make job placements all the time but empowering students in their job search – that’s the best part of what I do.”

Developing business connections

When she’s not mentoring alumni, Ms. Soricelli is busy developing business relationships.

“It’s my job to make Berkeley College alumni stand out, which is why I spend so much time on LinkedIn,” Ms. Soricelli said. “I am constantly making new connections with employers and recruiters.”

Ms. Soricelli has more than 7,600 connections on LinkedIn – mostly job recruiters and human resources personnel. She encourages students to comb through these connections and identify companies where they would like to work. If alumni apply for positions at any of these companies, Ms. Soricelli uses her connections to make sure their applications get into the right hands.

“I don’t go to sleep at night without having read and responded to all of my emails even if that means reading them at home in the evenings, over the weekends, or during my vacation,” Ms. Soricelli said. “To me, an email in my inbox is someone applying for a job and I have to act on that.”


*while the College is in operation