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Berkeley College Michael McAteer

M.B.A. Professor Empowers Graduate Students to Become Impactful Leaders



Berkeley College Michael McAteer


Dr. McAteer teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior courses in the new M.B.A. in Management program at Berkeley College. This is the first graduate program to be offered at the College.

Dr. McAteer’s reflections on the M.B.A. in Management program are as follows.

On teaching graduate students and the importance of good leadership skills:

I am excited to teach leadership courses in the new graduate program at Berkeley College. Typically, M.B.A. students wish to master their trade and have the desire to go that extra step – they strive for excellence within their fields. Leadership has become the royal hallmark of today’s M.B.A. curriculum. The focus now is much more on soft skills – how to get people to do more, how to delegate, and how to execute to get the work done on time and under budget, while also ensuring that people are enjoying the work.

I do extensive research in the areas of leadership and organizational behavior, and I love learning about what’s on the cutting edge. I also have been involved in two leadership programs for employees at Berkeley College: Be the Best Manager and Leadership Berkeley. Both are very successful.

Why the M.B.A. in Management program is a natural fit for Berkeley College:

Leadership skills have always been critical to what we teach here at Berkeley College, so this new graduate program is a natural fit. The College has a great history and heritage of providing a practical hands-on education. Graduate students won’t just leave Berkeley College with the knowledge of business theories, they will know how to apply those theories in their professional lives.

On his teaching style:

My courses are very much hands-on. Graduate students can take what they are learning in my classroom and immediately apply it in their professional lives. Students can expect to do a lot of writing in my courses because good communication skills are essential for those in management and leadership positions. I like to plant seeds of change in my classes. I challenge my students to step outside their comfort zones. They learn how to present and defend an argument in the safety of the classroom. These skills prepare them when they are faced with defending proposals back in their company boardrooms.