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Berkeley College Information Technology Management class

Information Technology Management Program Emphasizes Business



Berkeley College Information Technology Management class


“I believe in cutting right to the chase,” said Augusto Casas, Ph.D., Berkeley College Professor of Information Technology Management, Larry L. Luing School of Business®. “The fact is businesses run on information technology, plain and simple. I tell my students they’ve chosen a demanding, exciting field, and with a degree in Information Technology Management from Berkeley College, they will be prepared to make things happen.”

The study of information technology management involves learning how to use computer software and systems to manage information. That’s crucial in today’s world, as many businesses rely on information technology managers.

Dr. Casas is particularly proud of the Berkeley College program. “Other colleges teach information technology, information systems, and computer systems, but not information technology management,” he said. “We meet a critical need in the market to develop IT professionals who understand the business purpose and use of the technology, not just how to implement it. Our program is where I want it to be, and I cannot stress enough the importance of this field.”

Students have the opportunity to take courses in information technology management at the New Jersey and News York locations, as well as through Berkeley College Online®. More than 150 students are in the program at present. Many find particularly helpful the “virtual lab” where, with a password and ID, they can remotely access software programs from anywhere on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Dr. Casas added, “Overall, we have a modern Information Technology Management program that will help our students be prepared for the demands of today’s technological workplace.”