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Berkeley College Woodbridge campus students

Woodbridge Students Thrive in Dynamic Learning Environment



Berkeley College Woodbridge campus students


Berkeley College in Woodbridge has become one of the fastest-growing campuses since the addition of allied health programs. Many students are the first in their families to attend college.

“We have a very close-knit community here in Woodbridge, and the students thrive in this environment,” said Catherine Palmer, Berkeley College Campus Operating Officer, Woodbridge.

Michael Rosa, who graduated from Berkeley College in Woodbridge with an Associate’s degree in Accounting in 2014, appreciated the supportive environment.

“Everyone is warm and welcoming, and the staff and faculty are always ready to reach out if you need help,” said Mr. Rosa, who returned to the Woodbridge campus to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Students in Woodbridge enjoy a wide variety of extracurricular activities. In addition to the Student Government Association, students have access to a Fashion Club; Law and Justice Club; Business Club; and Arts, Crafts, and Baking Club. Community service is encouraged, and associates along with students participate in fundraisers to benefit such nonprofits as the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and the American Cancer Society. The College is within walking distance of the Woodbridge Community Center, a 115,000-square-foot sports and entertainment complex with roller and ice skating rinks, miniature golf, and a café and pavilion.

The Office of Student Development and Campus Life in Woodbridge provides dynamic and diverse programming. Recent programs included “The Art of Small Talk,” “Ten Steps to Better Organize Your Life,” and “Networking Skills 101.”

“Students here respond very positively to programs that help them develop professional skills,” said Kevin Frey, Director, Student Development and Campus Life, Woodbridge. “Of course, they also enjoy the purely social programs such as the Destress Fest and our holiday parties.”

The close proximity of the College to the Mayor’s Office and City Hall has resulted in many internship opportunities for Woodbridge students. In addition, they gain exposure to local employers through Career Fairs held at the College.

“Having frequent Career Fairs on site keeps the real mission of why they are here fresh in the minds of our students,” Ms. Palmer said. “They see opportunities that exist in real time and learn directly from employers what skills are needed to get a particular job.”

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