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Berkeley College alumnus Yasin Bond

Berkeley College Graduate Is the Epitome of What’s Possible



Yasin Bond said a college degree is something he did not expect to achieve.

“I never had any interest in it,” Mr. Bond, 28, said. “I never had the desire. But I did it, and I’m proud of myself.”

Mr. Bond graduated on Friday, April 29, 2016, with an A.A.S. in Business Administration – Management from Berkeley College. Waiting on the other side of the graduation stage is a career with NIKE, Inc., where he will be positioned to move up the ranks within the company.

“I am the epitome of what’s possible,” Mr. Bond said.

The Brooklyn, NY, resident dropped out of high school as a freshman, but eventually earned a High School Equivalency Diploma and attended trade school to become a stone mason. Coming from a family of college graduates, he said he thought he knew all there was to know.

When his son, Savior, was born, Mr. Bond decided to pursue a college degree and enrolled in Berkeley College in Brooklyn in 2014. Showing his son the right path had more value than his own personal views or desires, he said.

“When I had my son, I decided I had to lead by example,” Mr. Bond said. “I want the best for him, and I have to make the footprints for him to walk in.”

The journey to a college degree was not an easy one.

“I come from a background where a lot of people doubted me,” Mr. Bond said. His fiancee, Monique, kept him focused and lifted him up whenever he felt discouraged, he said. He also found a campus of supporters in Brooklyn who helped him reach his goal.

“I’m beyond ecstatic to see Yasin at this place,” said Kimberly Malone, Berkeley College Dean, Academic Advisement, Brooklyn. “I have seen his growth and it is remarkable. All I can do is express my pride for what Berkeley has meant for him and what he has contributed to Berkeley.”

Jonathan Weidenbaum, PhD, Humanities and Social Sciences, Berkeley College School of Liberal Arts, said Mr. Bond always entered the classroom with a hunger to learn.

“With joy, I have watched him increase the sharpness of his thought and the power of his argument,” Dr. Weidenbaum said. “This young man undoubtedly has a formidable future.”

Mr. Bond said that in order to succeed, incoming college students should be dedicated above all else. “Excuses are tools for the incompetent,” he said.

He is excited for his new career with NIKE, where his position allows for longevity with the company. His personal motto is emblazoned on his Berkeley College class ring: Success is the Best Revenge.