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Berkeley College alumnus Kindel Rogers

Kindel Rogers Is Redefining Career Success, One Degree at a Time



Berkeley College alumnus Kindel Rogers

After 30 successful years in the financial service industry, Kindel Rogers made the tough decision to return to school to pursue his dream of working in the criminal justice field. At Berkeley College, he earned his Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees, and for nearly a year, has worked as a Desk Appearance Ticket Representative and legal assistant for the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Rogers always felt the drive to succeed. He began his career as a union worker at the New York Stock Exchange, worked hard, and was promoted several times. Fifteen years of experience in management positions helped to provide a secure life for his family. “The health and well-being of my family is what pushes me to be successful,” said Mr. Rogers. “I am thankful for everything I have accomplished at the New York Stock Exchange, but I always knew I wanted to work in the criminal justice field.”

Mr. Rogers accepted early retirement at age 54 and embarked on major life and career changes in 2010. He took the first step by enrolling in an Associate’s degree program in Paralegal Studies at Berkeley College in New York City. Becoming a student later in life was challenging, but he knew what it was like to work under pressure.

With the support of his professors and Berkeley’s “stellar” resources, he completed the degree program and enrolled to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies – Criminal Justice. He credits his professors and the Berkeley College teaching method for preparing him for his new job. “My criminal justice classes equipped me with the skills I needed to jump in on day one,” he said. “I was familiar with the terminology and procedures, so I could focus on learning about my new role.”

Mr. Rogers also gives high marks to Tracy Gamble, Berkeley College Academic Advisor, Midtown Manhattan, and staff in the Academic Support Center, now known as the Center for Academic Success. The Center is dedicated to engaging with students throughout their academic careers at Berkeley College and supporting their development as successful independent learners. “Sometimes I made appointments; other times I just showed up,” he said. “I could not have done it without their help.”

As a career changer, Mr. Rogers needed extra support, and he found it from the Berkeley College Career Services staff. He met regularly with the career counselors and secured employment shortly after completing his Bachelor’s degree program. “Mr. Rogers is an excellent example of success,” said Carol Fine, J.D., Berkeley College Career Counselor. “He has worked hard, and is embarking on a second career in a field that he loves. I know he will continue to succeed.”

Mr. Rogers said one of his proudest moments was receiving his diploma at graduation. “I wasn’t sure where life was going to take me. Berkeley College has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion and serve the people of the Bronx,” he said.

Grateful for his new life and career, he is happy to be back working in the Bronx, where he grew up. Mr. Rogers has plans to pursue an advanced degree in either law or business in the future.