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Sam C. Perry, Berkeley College alumnus

Discovering a Rewarding Career in Menswear



Sam C. Perry, Berkeley College alumnus


Initially, Sam C. Perry thought he wanted to pursue a degree in Banking and Office Management. That all changed when Mr. Perry, who graduated in 2008, took Berkeley College’s Introduction to Fashion course and realized that his personal love for fashion could lead toward a successful career. “I knew in that moment this is where I belonged,” Mr. Perry said.

After switching his major to Fashion Marketing and Management, Mr. Perry gained knowledge from instructors who had real-world experience in the fashion industry. Then, during Berkeley’s Career Day, he landed his first job in the fashion industry at e-commerce retailer eFashion Solutions. He went on to various roles at Macy’s before landing at in 2012, where he currently determines which menswear brands and styles appear on its e-commerce site.

In addition to e-commerce, Mr. Perry applied his 10 years of fashion experience to producing editorial content for numerous fashion blogs before creating his own website, Mr. Perry uses his editorial voice to show men ways they can “live in style” through art, fashion, culture, and spirituality. “The most important skill I received from my instructors (at Berkeley) was to trust my creativity,” Mr. Perry said. “I recall having a class where we had to create our own product – from design to production. I created a reversible handbag. This was early 2011, and today reversible handbags are everywhere.”

Up Close with Sam C. Perry

What does success mean to you?

For me, success means happiness. To do what you love on a daily basis and be able to share experiences with those you love is a blessing, but without inner peace it can all be a blur. So, for me, happiness is success.

What initially inspired you to enroll in Berkeley College?

I initially enrolled at Berkeley with intentions of obtaining a business degree for Banking and Office Management, but when I took the Introduction to Fashion class I immediately changed my major. I knew in that moment this is where I belonged.

How did Berkeley College prepare you for success?

Berkeley College prepared me for success by having instructors who actually worked in the field. Having that, I was able to gain real-life knowledge based on their experience, and that translated into understanding the coursework in greater detail.

The most important skill I received from my instructors (at Berkeley College) was to trust my creativity.

Also, Berkeley’s Career Day is where I landed my first job in the fashion industry. That set me on a path toward having a rewarding career.

How did you get involved in blogging about fashion?

I originally began blogging as a style and fashion contributor to a few blogs in early 2010. As my voice began to become diluted, I created

My experience in blogging has been an overall learning lesson about business and myself. I’ve learned that starting a business and creating trust with clientele/readers is much more difficult than one would think. Running a web-based platform is no easy job. It takes care, a ton of patience, and never giving up on it, yourself, or your voice. 

In which way(s) do you see yourself being successful in the future?

Success is relative, but with having a solid understanding of my goals, a plan, preparation, and hard work, I know I will be successful in both career and life.

What advice would you offer today’s college-bound students?

I would say, do what you love and do it for you.

What was your most memorable moment at Berkeley College?

My most memorable moment would be graduation day; that sense of relief and pride was a great feeling.