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Berkeley College student Kaitlin Jones

Berkeley College Student Uses Graphic Design Skills to Support Eva's Village in Paterson



Berkeley College student Kaitlin Jones


Berkeley College student Kailin Jones used to think that success was defined by wealth. Over the past several months, her work with Eva’s Village, a nonprofit that provides food, shelter, and medical care to those in need, has made her change her mind.

“Now I see that success means being proud of yourself and what you’ve done, and doing the best you can while never giving up,” she said. “I see stories of success happening around me every day.”

Ms. Jones, 19, fell in love with graphic design as a student at Norwich Technical High School in Connecticut. She came to Berkeley College from Griswold, CT, to pursue a degree in Graphic Design, and was accepted into the Honors Program, a selective educational opportunity for high-achieving students.

Soon after she enrolled, the Career Services Department at Berkeley College helped Ms. Jones secure a position as Volunteer Coordinator Intern at Eva’s Village in Paterson, NJ.

When she learned about Eva’s Village, Kailin was instantly excited about the opportunity and applied right away,” said Shannon Kruse, Berkeley College Career Counselor. “Since then, the nonprofit has been so impressed with Kailin that they have given her more tasks related to her major that have helped enhance her career.”

In addition to coordinating volunteers, serving meals, and helping out where needed, Ms. Jones has also become the organization’s in-house graphic designer, creating fliers to promote events that support the nonprofit’s more than 20 community programs.

“No two days are the same for Kailin,” said Liz Matthews, Volunteer Coordinator for Eva’s Village. “Her biggest strengths are her willingness to work hard and her natural instinct to take initiative. She often finishes tasks before I even ask her to do them.”

Ms. Jones is on track to graduate from Berkeley College with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design in fall 2018. At Eva’s Village, she said she looks up to her co-workers and truly feels like she’s making a difference.

“I’ve heard so many stories from clients and past clients about how Eva’s has helped them, and it never ceases to amaze me,” she said. “This nonprofit does a great job of fulfilling its mission.”

Photo Caption (L to R): Liz Matthews, Volunteer Coordinator for Eva’s Village, and Kailin Jones prepare to serve sandwiches in the kitchen at Eva’s Village.

About Eva's Village

Founded by Msgr. Vincent E. Puma in 1982, Eva’s Community Kitchen began by serving 30 meals a day in Paterson to feed the hungry. In response to the related issues of poverty, addiction, mental illness, and homelessness in the community, additional programs and services grew out of the Community Kitchen to become Eva’s Village, a nonprofit, social service, anti-poverty organization that is one of the most comprehensive in New Jersey. For more than 30 years, Eva’s Village carried out its mission to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, treat the addicted, and provide medical and dental care to the poor with respect for the human dignity of each individual. Today, Eva’s Village helps thousands of individuals rebuild their lives each year through 20 integrated programs addressing needs in the community for Food and Housing, Medical and Recovery Services, and Education and Training.