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Yashoda Boodhoo, Berkeley College alumna

Berkeley College Prepares Alumna for Management Career in Graphics and Printing



Yashoda Boodhoo, Berkeley College alumna


A resident of Newark, NJ, Yashoda Boodhoo became one of the first students to take classes on the Berkeley College Newark campus, which opened in 2006. “It was an amazing feeling to be a part of history as we took a group picture for the opening,” Ms. Boodhoo said. “It was a new environment for all of us, but we figured our way around together. It brought us closer together as classmates.”

Ms. Boodhoo graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from Berkeley College in 2010, taking courses both in Newark and Midtown Manhattan. Looking to excel in a management occupation, she credits Berkeley College with helping prepare her for a professional, fast-paced environment where organization and time management are keys to success. “It was initially a challenge for me, but I learned the importance of always planning ahead and being prepared with different strategies. You never know when you will need a backup plan,” she said.

Shortly after graduating, the Berkeley College Career Services Department introduced Ms. Boodhoo to graphics and printing company Nextwave Web in Paterson, NJ. As Project Manager, she oversees all aspects of the company’s printing projects, including specifications, layouts, design, proof approvals, distribution and scheduling.

Up Close with Yashoda Boodhoo

What does success mean to you?

Success is finding the thing that only you can do, with strong consideration over the positive impact it will have on others. You have to first know your authentic self, then reconnect with your values and what is important. When you do that, you can begin to define your own success.

What initially inspired you to enroll in Berkeley College?

Berkeley College seemed like the perfect fit for me. I wanted to major in Management and I was able to achieve this at Berkeley College.

How did Berkeley College prepare you for success?

Berkeley College provided me with an education, tools, and knowledge to succeed in my career.

In which way(s) do you see yourself being successful in the future?

Being able to accomplish goals both in my professional and personal life is an achievement that I value as a success. I also believe that to become truly successful I must continue to live well, laugh often, and love much.

What advice would you offer today’s college-bound students?

Make sure to prepare and manage your time appropriately, create a vision, and get involved in student activities.

What was your most memorable moment at Berkeley College?

My most memorable moment at Berkeley College was being one of the first students at the campus in Newark, NJ, when it opened, and taking that group photo together during the opening.