Berkeley Today Stories

Up Close with Meryl Herman

What does success mean to you?
To me, success is deep within. Success means finding meaning and depth in life and turning it into something magnificent.

What initially inspired you to enroll in Berkeley College?
Berkeley College offered huge networking opportunities with professors, faculty members and fellow students. Now I am a member of the Berkeley College Alumni Association, where other members have had experience and knowledge that have further helped me expand my skills in my career. The fact that it was right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan also made it that much more attractive.

How did Berkeley College prepare you for success?
Professors at Berkeley College are experts within their fields, and the classes are geared towards an individual’s program of study, which really prepared me for success in a huge way.

In which way(s) do you see yourself being successful in the future?
I believe that Berkeley College has trained me not only to be the best in my field, but also to be a true leader. I can truly stand tall with pride and be able to showcase my skills within the healthcare community and beyond.

What advice would you offer today’s college-bound students?
Never give up, and never give in. The harder you want to achieve your goals, the harder the obstacles feel, but in the end it is all worth it.

What was your most memorable moment at Berkeley College?
Graduation Day was the most memorable. While I was a student at Berkeley College, I was on the Dean’s List and once on the President’s List. I was grateful for being on these honorable lists, but it also meant I had to work that much harder and smarter. Everyday meant more challenges. However, graduation day made it all worth it.