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Berkeley College White Plains COO Joel Martinez

Spotlight On: White Plains Campus Operating Officer Joel Martinez



Berkeley College White Plains COO Joel Martinez


Berkeley College Campus Operating Officers (COOs) at the New Jersey and New York campuses, plus Berkeley College Online®, have a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to, overseeing day-to-day operations, finances, student and staff retention, space management, community outreach, and monitoring training and professional development programs.

At each campus, there are always new challenges and new opportunities. Though the needs vary, the COOs all agree that they love mentoring, coaching, and discovering the potential in their students.

White Plains Campus Operating Officer Joel Martinez talks about learning how to listen and offers advice for explains why students inspire him.

What excites you about your job?
The students, having the ability to shape a student’s mind and see their growth and their potential to be more than they could ever imagine they could be. When students arrive at Berkeley College, they come with an open mind and curiosity. It’s amazing to see a student transform their hopes and dreams into a career that can lead them to their aspirations.

What kinds of skills have you learned or developed since coming to Berkeley College?
Listening. We often hear, but seldom listen, and Berkeley College is a place that teaches you how to listen. Berkeley College is continuously adapting to the ever-changing world. We listen to our students, we listen to the changes that surround us, and listen to each other to make the changes necessary to continue to make Berkeley College the school of choice for many students who want a career, and not just a degree. Berkeley College fosters a team environment culture, which allows us to better service our students and maintain our focus of excellence and education.

How is your Berkeley College campus unique?
The White Plains campus is unique because we are the only campus with student housing. Having students in residence allows us to really work with our them more closely. Being away from home is a scary scenario for both students and parents, however it’s very exciting. Students learn how to become adults and depend on themselves and really learn responsibility. We enjoy witnessing our housing students’ growth throughout the semesters.  

What or who inspires you? Who are your role models or mentors?
I’m often inspired by our students. Berkeley College is a melting pot of students from all walks of life. When I come across a student who has faced challenges unimaginable to many of us and they still have the will power and tenacity to not allow anything to get in their way of their Berkeley College education, there’s nothing more inspiring to me as a staff member. It inspires me to continue to come up with ideas personally, but also professionally to improve what we do for our students every day.  

What advice do you have for prospective students/current students/graduates?
For prospective students, I would say: Welcome! You’re in for a great experience, so keep your mind open and soak in every bit of knowledge you can. For current students, I would tell them your future is in sight. It is so close you can touch it, so keep pushing. I would tell our graduates that every moment in your college career has lead you to this point. Now is your opportunity to bring your knowledge and ideas to the world. Go share it.

It continues to amaze me what a college experience does for us. It’s not just about a job or a degree. It’s about the lifelong friends we make, It’s about the experience of learning from each other and faculty who have actually lived or live what they teach, It’s about our growth as individuals, and finally it’s about the knowledge we acquire.

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