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Doreen Pino

Academic Advisement Spotlight: Doreen Pino, Berkeley College Online®



Academic Advisors are a student’s greatest ally when it comes to his or her journey in education. Berkeley College Online® Academic Advisor, Doreen Pino, is an example of the unique and unrelenting support Berkeley College offers to its students enrolled in virtual learning.

What made you want to pursue a career in academic advisement?

I originally started as an instructor at Berkeley. I taught for 14 years when I was encouraged by someone in my department to try academic advisement. Berkeley is always so encouraging when they see employees that they feel should expand their horizons. It was never initially a goal of mine to be an academic advisor, but here I am 28 years later still in academic advisement. As with teaching, it’s always about seeing students at graduation who have completed their degrees and feeling that I had something to do with that.

Are there any memorable experiences that stick out to you as an academic advisor?

I was working with a student who was put on academic probation after his first term. He seemed lost and unfocused. He would drop by my office almost every day. We worked together and he did his best every term, got off academic probation, became focused on graduation, and finally finished all his coursework and graduated! I don’t know who was happier-him or me!

Is there a difference in the level of support for online students vs. on site?

The online students live all over the world. Some live in countries where email communication is the preferred method due to major time zone differences. But whether a student is onsite or online, they all have access to a tremendous support system at Berkeley College. All of our departments are here to work as a team to help students walk across that stage--whether it’s a physical walk across the stage in person, or a virtual walk via the Internet.

What is “My Academic Plan”?

“My Academic Plan” is a tool that automatically fills in as students are registered for classes and grades are earned. Anyone looking at it will see classes taken, classes currently enrolled in, and classes needed to graduate. With the help of an Academic Advisor, students can easily track and register for classes needed to fulfill the requirements of their degree.

What should prospective online students know about the education they will receive at Berkeley College?

Online students will receive an excellent education if they put the time and effort into their courses and work with their faculty. There is a big commitment of time needed to do the required work each week, but you have the flexibility to do the coursework around work, family, and social time. There is a supportive team online to help them reach their goals, so if we all work together, students can earn their degrees!