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Business Administration Student at Berkeley College, Elijah Phillips

Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree from Berkeley College



Earning a Bachelor’s degree has the potential to open many doors after graduation, but it’s how students spend their time during their schooling that can make all the difference. Getting involved through campus organizations or taking advantage of the large support system Berkeley offers are just some of the ways that can make earning a Bachelor’s degree that much more profound.

Elijah Phillips, Bachelor’s of Business Administration, Class of 2017, shares some of the highlights of his time at Berkeley College.

What made you choose Berkeley?
I had attended one college before Berkeley. It was a good school, however, in my opinion, nothing compares to all that I have received at Berkeley College. I chose Berkeley because the second I walked through the doors, I sensed the essence of a family environment where I knew I would receive the best education, that was most suited for me.

Describe some of the benefits to earning your Bachelor’s degree at Berkeley College.
There are endless benefits of being a graduate of Berkeley College. One being the Career Services department, who work extremely hard to provide students with job opportunities. Berkeley also has a wonderful Federal Work Study program, which allows students to work while in school, helping us to gain experience in our field of choice. However, the classrooms are probably the best benefit. They are very small, which ensures each student gets one-on-one attention with the professor. Berkeley is definitely a one-stop shop for the best education.

Who has been your biggest support system at Berkeley?
I can’t even begin to think about all the people who have helped me along my journey! We have Student Development and Campus Life, Student Counseling, Financial Aid, Marketing and Communications, and last but not least, President Michael Smith and his wonderful team. Some of my professors like Phillip Levine, Julie Porter, and William Orbe were also very supportive—the list goes on and on. I am grateful for them because they helped me to understand that I was not living up to my potential. Through their guidance, I was able to come one step closer to being the best person I can be.

While in pursuit of your Bachelor’s, what has been your most memorable experience?
Being active on campus has allowed to me participate in many activities that I never thought were possible. My most memorable experience would have to be attending the New Jersey Devils game at the Prudential Center with my friend, William, who is also a Berkeley alum. There was also the time I got to shoot a commercial with President Smith promoting physical fitness and mental health. It's times like that I could never forget. It's important that you're active, not just in class, but outside of the classroom as well. You need the balance to make your dreams a reality and I feel that is what Berkeley has allowed me to do.