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Aspiring Interior Designers: Look No Further



Interior Design goes beyond decorating living spaces and Berkeley College knows that well. The Interior Design program offers a multifaceted experience that prepares students for a vibrant career ahead.

“My Interior Design students are thinkers and problem solvers,” said Dr. Alfonso Torino, Interior Design Chair. “I give them the chance to study the aesthetics of space, form, color, and light. Concentration is also placed on the history of interior environments, design theory, business procedures, and current trends in the profession.”

From these studies, students are able to apply their knowledge towards building a dynamic career, like former Berkeley student Vanessa DeLeon.

Ms. DeLeon owns the award winning international firm, Vanessa DeLeon Associates that specializes in residential, commercial, hospitality, and restaurant interior design. Her extensive resume also includes Terry Crews Saves Christmas, NBC’s American Dream Builders, Restaurant Impossible, and several design publications.

“One of the reasons I fell in love with my career in interior design was the education I received from Berkeley College,” Ms. DeLeon pens in her blog.

Whether pursuing an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, Berkeley College Interior Design students will earn an education that will prepare them for a range of roles in the field.

Here is why students should choose Berkeley College to kick-start their journey to a creative career:

1. Build Your Portfolio: Berkeley College does not require incoming students to have a portfolio! Professors are here to help you develop one over time.
2. Learn from the Best: You name it, our professors have done it! They also have experience in fields such as architecture, business, and graphic design, and integrate them into your learning of interior design.
3. Career Services: Berkeley College views career development and industry exploration as critical elements of an education. In response, a full-service department of 34 Career Services specialists is dedicated to assisting students in identifying and pursuing job and internship opportunities.

To learn more about the Interior Design program at Berkeley College, click here.