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Fashion Means Business at Berkeley



There’s more to fashion than just clothing, of course. The fashion industry wouldn’t be what it is today without those who work behind the scenes, producing the retail brands we know and love, and shows like New York Fashion Week. Berkeley College’s Fashion Merchandising and Management program helps students gain the skills and experience to work in many diverse roles like product development, retail buying and merchandising, brand communications, and much more. The variety of courses Berkeley offers its students prepares them for a colorful career ahead.

By integrating both the creative and business aspects of this global industry, Berkeley is proud to offer both an A.A.S. and B.B.A. degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management. Kellie Cole, class of 2016, is now a Sales Assistant for Trimera Brands, a company that designs, produces and distributes swimwear to retailers like Kohl’s, Target and JC Penney.

Ms. Cole has been able to combine her passion with a dynamic degree. “I've always loved fashion since I was a little girl, so with this degree I am able to work in the industry that I love and still have a business background.”

Berkeley College takes pride in having seasoned faculty that train students for what will lie ahead in their careers. Ms. Cole emphasized, “All of the fashion courses are really great. The professors do an excellent job of relating everything we're learning to real life and real business scenarios.”

Ms. Cole continued, “In one of my final courses, we had to create a fashion brand from start to finish while integrating what we were learning in class into each step. I think about this course all the time because for that project, I created a swimsuit brand, and now I’m applying that project into real life with my career.”

Aside from in-class learning, Berkeley College is able to provide opportunities that will expose and connect students to the world of fashion. Field trips to New York Fashion Week, internships, and other industry-related activities pave the way for a comprehensive experience.

Ms. Cole asserts that the world of fashion and business is fast-paced, yet very much rewarding. “There is nothing cooler than walking into a store and seeing merchandise on a rack that you helped create.”

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