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Marleen and Marlene Olivo

For Twin Siblings, Berkeley College is a Sister Act



You aren’t seeing double: Marleen and Marlene Olivo are first-year students at Berkeley College’s Woodland Park campus who also happen to be identical twins. Not only are the new students enrolled in the same college, but they’re also taking on the Medical Assistant program together.

“My sister and I decided to attend Berkeley College because our cousin also attended Berkeley and had amazing things to say. She spoke about how helpful the Career Services staff is with finding students a job in their career field, how great the environment is, and how small the classes are.”

Marlene is right. Berkeley College programs are carefully developed and regularly updated to help students attain the knowledge and skills that employers demand. In addition, the Career Services department offers 35 specialists dedicated to assisting students in identifying and pursuing job and internship opportunities.

The Olivo sisters share more than just school, though. Marleen and Marlene also share the same dream, becoming medical assistants. Regular doctor visits as children exposed them to this career path, which inspired and has stuck with them ever since.

Berkeley College’s Medical Assistant Certificate and Associate in Applied Science degree programs prepare students to enter the high-demand field of healthcare and to work in a variety of settings, including physicians’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and other professional healthcare facilities. Graduates are prepared to meet both the clinical and administrative challenges of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Upon completing their degrees with Berkeley College, the Olivo sisters plan to pursue careers either working in the OB-GYN or ophthalmology field. “My sister and I do want to follow the same path as far as work environment, not because we want to be together or because we are twins. We just simply are interested in the same thing.”

Marlene and Marleen are both ready to gain the knowledge required to succeed in their career paths and conquering their degrees together is an added benefit. “If I don't grasp something, she may have understood it better than I did. We won't ever have to feel alone because we'll always have each other.“

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