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Promoting Berkeley College is easy. We simply tell real stories about the real people that make up the Berkeley community. Our latest two productions follow that tradition in focusing on those compelling, emotional stories that feature actual Berkeley students, families and staff; not actors.

“Call My Name 2” is the follow-up to last year’s well-received commercial that focused on the thrill of walking across the graduation stage—this time told from the perspective of the loved ones of graduates, not the students themselves. Featuring parents, grandparents, and even children of graduates, the concept calls attention to Berkeley’s diverse and somewhat untraditional student body that’s made up of people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. The pride in a Berkeley diploma is obvious as our students graduate to a better future.

“Emily Pross” is a Berkeley College student working her way through school…at 83 mile per hour on a skateboard! A new TV/web spot features how the flexibility of studying online at Berkeley allows the world’s number one ranked female racer to continue her studies while competing around the world. Her drive, enthusiasm, and competitive nature make her a standout in a sport traditionally dominated by men…as well as in her Marketing Communications program. One day Emily hopes to market her own line of gear. Until then, she’s happy racing at speeds that aren’t even legal for cars.

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