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Berkeley College Roueda Radwan

Berkeley College Alumna Impacts Lives Through Interior Design



Berkeley College Roueda Radwan


Roueda Radwan feels privileged to be part of a design team that transforms clients’ houses into warm, comfortable living spaces that they are proud to call home. And she enjoys nothing more than hearing from these clients – months or even years later – about how much they are still enjoying the re-design.

“Interior design is not just about designing a beautiful space, but rather creating an experience – an environment that is beautiful and functional,” said Ms. Radwan, a Design Associate at Diane Durocher Interiors in Ramsey, NJ. “At my company we employ the principles of interior design, along with elements such as color and texture, to create a harmonious living space.”

Ms. Radwan, who had initially planned to pursue a teaching career, discovered her flair for interior design following a course her senior year of high school.

“My teacher told me that Berkeley College had a great interior design program and that I should inquire about it,” Ms. Radwan said.

After meeting with Berkeley College instructors and reviewing the program, she was hooked. Ms. Radwan graduated from the Paramus Campus with an Associate’s degree in Interior Design in 2005. When Berkeley began offering a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design Management in 2007, she didn’t hesitate to return to campus for additional training.

“I always loved the fact that all of my Berkeley professors were either practicing interior designers or architects,” said Ms. Radwan, who graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2010. “That brought everything that we were doing in class to a different level because they were able to share their experiences with us.”

Through Berkeley College she was placed in an internship at the award-winning Ramsey company that is owned and operated by Berkeley College alumna Diane Durocher.

“My internship at Diane Durocher Interiors was an extremely valuable experience. Diane gave me the opportunity to observe client meetings, visit job sites, and shadow her day-to-day activities during those couple of months. I was very grateful for that,” said Ms. Radwan, who was hired as a full-time associate at the end of her internship, and has worked at the company for the past six years. “I have had the opportunity to be a part of many designer show houses benefiting worthy causes, and I have participated in design projects that range from a New York City apartment to an 18,000-square-foot home nestled in New Jersey.”

Ms. Radwan said that each day at her company “brings new opportunities to positively impact clients’ lives.” Through her recently launched blog, she offers designing tips to a wider audience.

“My blog is a journal of all the beautiful finds I come across on my design adventures,” Ms. Radwan said. “I hope that it offers inspiration to my readers and brings beauty into their homes.”