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Berkeley College Kristin Hofsli

Trondheim Student Follows Her Passion for Fashion at Berkeley College



Kristin Hofsli knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. The challenge was finding a college that would support her goal. Finally, she did. Berkeley College proved a perfect fit for a number of reasons.

"You can't do better than New York City when it comes to studying and experiencing the fashion industry," said Ms. Hofsli, a resident of Trondheim in Norway, who will graduate from Berkeley College, NYC, with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing and Management in Spring 2012. "I was looking for a good education from instructors who have been working in the heart of the industry, and I found both at Berkeley College."

Berkeley College Provides a Supportive Environment 

While there was an initial culture shock, Ms. Hofsli said that within a few months she began to adjust to life as a student in New York City. She enjoyed classes with a diverse student body and had lots of opportunity for one-on-one interaction with her instructors. Her advisors helped in navigating the curriculum, and the fashion faculty helped in guiding her on how to break into the industry.

"It was so inspirational to learn from professors who had worked with some of the top designers," Ms. Hofsli said. "They encouraged us to seek out internship and volunteer opportunities, and provided us with connections that helped open doors into the fashion world."

Following Instructors' Advice Paid Off

Through the Berkeley College Fashion Club, Ms. Hofsli served as Head Usher at the prestigious Couture Fashion Week, held annually at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. 

"I worked with a team of 18 ushers from a number of different schools. It was my job to make sure that everything on the floor went smoothly. If there was any trouble, they came to me and I had to find a solution," Ms. Hofsli said. "I was new to speaking English, so it was challenging and a terrific experience."

The following year she served as Main Assistant to the Producer of Couture Fashion Week. Among her many responsibilities was the opportunity to help dress models coming in from Europe. This year, Ms. Hofsli worked for The Daily Front Row, the official New York City Fashion Week magazine. Now, in her last quarter, she is serving an internship – a requirement for graduation – at fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg's headquarters in New York City. She also was recently offered an internship at Vogue magazine. Following graduation, Ms. Hofsli plans to get an Optional Practical Training permit and work for a year in New York City. 

"The most rewarding part of my study abroad experience has been all of the opportunities I've had at Berkeley College," Ms. Hofsli said. "If it hadn't been for the Fashion Club, I wouldn't have experienced Fashion Week. And, if it hadn't been for Career Services helping me with my resume – and my instructors providing me with connections – I doubt I would be in the internship I am in right now."

 Kristin Hofsli, an international student from Norway who is studying Fashion Marketing and Management at Berkeley College

Kristin Hofsli, an international student from Norway who is studying Fashion Marketing and Management at Berkeley College, on her way to Couture Fashion Week in New York City. Through the Berkeley College Fashion Club, Ms Hofsli gained valuable experience as Head Usher and the Main Assistant to the Producer of Couture Fashion Week.