Berkeley College Strategic Planning Committee Membership Roster
Revised June 19, 2012

Ex Officio
Chairman, Board of Trustees - Kevin Luing
President, BES Inc., Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees - Randy Luing
President - Dario A. Cortes
Provost - Glen Zeitzer
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, BES - Michael J. Smith 
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer - Donald Devine II
Senior Vice President, Enrollment Management - Diane Recinos
Vice President, Planning and Chief of Staff - Linda Luciano
Assistant Vice President, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness - Ross Miller

Presidential Appointments
Larry L. Luing School of Business Dean - John Rapanos
School of Liberal Arts Dean - Don Kieffer
School of Professional Studies Dean - Judy Kornberg

Academic Affairs
Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs - Marianne Vakalis
Assistant Provost, Advisement - Kristin Rowe
System Chair, Fashion - Guy Adamo
Associate Chair, Criminal Justice - Deborah Ranges
System Chair, Marketing - Kristin Comeforo

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer - William A. Brandt
Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life - Edwin Hughes
Vice President, Financial Aid - Howard Leslie
Chief Information Officer, BES - Len DeBotton
Campus Operating Officer, Berkeley College Online - Sharon Goldstein

Student Representatives
Woodland Park - Shawn Reynolds
New York City - Reuel Roopnarine

Alumni Representative
Alumni Leadership Council - Melvin Montalvo



Office of the President