Committee Charge



Berkeley College
Vision for the Future: 2010 - 2015
Charge to the Strategic Planning Committee
Updated July 12, 2011

As we have transitioned from developing the strategic plan to implementing the plan, we have added people to the committee, changed responsibilities and created new roles. Your participation is critical to the strength of the College and is very much appreciated. The planning process at Berkeley is our way of prioritizing the activities and resources that support our mission. The Strategic Planning Committee is charged to support and monitor the planning process in the following areas:

I. The Committee

The Berkeley College Strategic Planning Committee is a standing committee established to develop and monitor the strategic planning process at Berkeley. The committee shall meet at least twice a year or quarterly, if needed, to review progress of the implementation of the Strategic Plan and to approve any revisions to the strategic plan.


  • The President will serve as Chair of the Committee;
  • The Provost will serve as Vice Chair;
  • The AVP, Planning and Chief of Staff will lead the completed strategic plan and implementation plan process; and,
  • The AVP, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness will support the assessment process of the implementation plan.
II. Strategic Planning Process

The Berkeley College strategic planning process will include the following:

  • Development and oversight of all appropriate planning documents (Vision Statement, Strategic Plan, Implementation Plan, etc.);
  • A 5-year cycle for implementation of The Plan;
  • A regularized annual cycle of implementation and assessment; and,
  • Institution-level and department-level components.

III. Implementation Plan Process

The Berkeley College implementation plan process will include the following:

  • Quarterly progress review of each goal; and,
  • Documented and published updates for the college community.

IV. Roles and Responsibilities

Committee members will:

  • Understand the components of the institutional strategic plan and develop those that are necessary (e.g., Vision, Mission, Values Statement, etc.);
  • Develop and support the objectives and goals of the institutional strategic plan;
  • Engage identified stakeholder groups in the development of the objectives and goals for the institutional strategic plan, and provide feedback to those groups on a continuing basis;
  • Monitor progress of goals, objectives and deadlines associated with each;
  • With the support of the Assistant Vice President, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, identify or develop key indicators and assessment measures to document implementation of the Strategic Plan objectives and goals and review those indicators and measures on a semi-annual basis; and,
  • Actively participate in committee activities and discussions.

V. Other Responsibilities

In addition to the roles and responsibilities outlined above, Committee members will also:

  • Promote and advocate for implementation of the institution’s Strategic Plan to all internal and external stakeholders
  • Actively engage in disseminating information about the planning process, the Strategic Plan, and its implementation; and,
  • Be aware of strategic issues in the internal or external environment related to the institutional planning process and ensure that the Committee is informed.


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