Ibrahima Kane

International Student Profile

March 2010

Tell me about yourself.

I am a Berkeley College student. I am originally from Senegal, West Africa and I came to the United States in 2000. I went to the universities in Senegal to study to be an English teacher. I taught English as a second language for 3 years. After that I worked as administrative support in education, as a journalist and editor, and also worked in the travel business. This allowed me the opportunity to travel to America in 2000. I stayed in America and enrolled at Berkeley College. I am currently interning at the New York office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Are you interested in a career in politics?

Politics is very interesting, and the idea of serving the public is very rewarding.

Are you enjoying your experience as a Berkeley student?

Yes. Berkeley College instructors are very dedicated. They try to extensively teach their subject and they are constantly interacting with their students.

What is your major?

Business Management with a concentration in International Business. I find this subject fascinating. It helped me to become a global citizen. I can interact with any diverse group, because I have studied and read how organizations operate internationally. I now have a better understanding of the workplace and its diversity.

What do you like best about Berkeley College?

The flexibility of online courses because it allows me time to study as well as to work.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I want to be the head of a nonprofit – non-governmental agency that focuses on health, education, and peace. It will involve helping people, because out there, people need help and the government cannot always do everything.

When will you graduate?

Summer 2010.

How have you prepared for the work environment?

Berkeley’s Career Services Department schedules workshops in resume writing and interviewing and offers career fairs. This last quarter I participated in a workshop teaching me business etiquette and what to say on an interview.

What would you tell prospective students that are coming to Berkeley College?

It is about loving what they do, being very passionate, and then combining that passion with discipline. If you want something, go for it and stick to it. It is about acting on our dreams. The American dream is not about “dreaming,” it’s about the possibility of enriching your goals.