Interim Measures and Potential Sanctions

As provided in Berkeley College Policy and Procedures, when a complaint of sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, or stalking is received, the Deputy Title IX Coordinators may impose appropriate measures to protect the parties and College community. Interim measures include a variety of temporary actions and/or modifications, to the extent reasonably available. Those actions or modifications could include no contact orders, suspensions, change in on-campus living arrangements, change in class schedules or alternative course arrangements, and change in on-campus employment schedules.

Upon completion of an investigation and following a determination, the College may impose sanctions upon the responsible student or associate. Student sanctions may include, but are not limited to, oral or written warning/probation; mandatory counseling; education and training requirements; no-contact orders; changes to academic, working, or on-campus living arrangements (if applicable); revocation of campus privileges; suspension; and dismissal/termination. Associate sanctions may include, but are not limited to, oral or written warning/probation, mandatory counseling, education and training requirements, no-contact orders, changes to working arrangements, suspension (with or without pay), and termination from employment.

For more information, see Policy and Procedures.