Student Attendance and Participation Policy

Students are expected to attend and participate in all of their courses throughout each term. Those who fail to do so may be administratively withdrawn from individual courses or the College.

Students enrolled in the LPN to B.S.N.Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Practical Nurse, Surgical Processing Technician, and Surgical Technology programs should refer to their respective Student Handbook Supplements for program-specific grade requirements.

Faculty members will include their course-specific rules about absences, grading, and make-up work in each course syllabus. Each instructor may excuse absences for good cause and determine to what extent absences will affect grading. Certain absences will be excused automatically as required by law (such as military students called to active duty).

If illness, accident, or similar circumstances require absence for three or more consecutive days, the student must notify the Academic Advisement Department and the faculty member to discuss their status in their class(es).

Students who are withdrawn for a failure to attend and participate will receive a grade of W, WP or WF for the course(s), depending on whether the student was passing or failing at the time of withdrawal. This may affect the student's financial aid eligibility.