Midtown Manhattan

Campus Operating Officer - Ted Havelka

Assistant Campus Operating Officer – Ursula Bisconti

Dean, Academic Advisement - Kimberly Malone

Assistant Dean, Student Development and Campus Life - Alexandra Silvestre

Director, Student Development and Campus Life - Jeunelle Sanabria

Director, Counseling Services - Adam Rosen

Director, Center for Academic Success - Patianne Stabile

Director, Writing Center, Center for Academic Success - Craig Kasprzak

Director, Library - William McNelis

Director, Career Services - Jasmine Briggs

Director, Business Development - Jairo Borja

Director, Financial Aid - Theresa Bryant

Director, Student Accounts - Zoila Antonio

Director, Adult Admissions - Randy Gomez

Senior Director, High School Admissions - Michelle Gomez

Senior Director, Buildings and Grounds - Pete Blankman