Financial Aid Summary

Calendar Year: Berkeley College’s calendar includes three terms organized on the semester system. The fall semester begins in September, followed by the winter semester in January, and the spring semester in April.

Standard Academic Year: The Department of Education defines a "Standard Academic Year". Under those guidelines Berkeley Colleges’ Standard Academic Year is two semesters (30 weeks). Certain types of aid are pre-determined and disbursed over the course of a calendar year. Berkeley awards institutional aid and processes packages with new loan eligibility during the two semester period.


Award Maximum Allowed Per Award Year
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan (FDUSL) Up to $20,500
Federal Direct Grad Plus Up to the cost of attendance minus other financial aid/assistance and other resources
Federal Work Study (FWS) Awards vary
Veterans’ Benefits Awards vary
Federal Aid to Native Americans Awards vary
Social Security Benefits Awards vary
Berkeley College MBA Alumni Grant Up to 25% of tuition
Berkeley College MBA Veterans Award Up to a 50% tuition grant
Berkeley College Law Enforcement Scholarship Up to 25% or 50% of tuition per standard academic year. Up to 25% for part-time attendance (less than 12 credits) and up to 50% for full-time attendance
Corporate Learning Partnership  Up to 30% of tuition per standard academic year