Accommodating a Disability

Notice of Non-Discrimination - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

In accordance with federal law, Berkeley College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its programs and activities.

For questions regarding implementation of disability services offered at Berkeley College, please contact Katherine Wu, Director, Disability Services, at 212-986-4343 ext. 4211 or

Individual requests for accommodations may be referred to the College ADA/Section.

504 Coordinators:

NJ and Online students
Sandra Coppola
973-278-5400 ext. 1320

In addition, each individual campus has a Disability Services representative via the Personal Counseling Office. These Personal Counselors work with the ADA/Section 504 Coordinators for the purpose of reasonably accommodating students with disabilities. A student seeking accommodations must schedule an appointment with either the above-stated ADA/504 Coordinators, or a campus Personal Counselor, in order to submit an Application for Disability Services and Accommodations and to confirm requested accommodations. Contact information for the College Personal Counselors can be found on the College Health and Wellness website.

In accordance with its Disability Services Accommodations Policy for Students, Berkeley College strives to reasonably accommodate the needs of students with disabilities. For information regarding how to request a reasonable accommodation of a disability, please go to ADA Student Policy and to the College Disability Services page.