Title IV Refunds

A refundable Federal Student Aid (FSA) credit balance occurs only if the total amount of FSA program funds exceeds allowable charges. The order in which funds are credited to a student’s account does not determine which award creates the refundable FSA credit. Instead, Berkeley applies Title IV aid to direct charges (tuition, fees, and housing) in the following order:

  • Federal PLUS for Graduate Students
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Federal Work Study is not directly applied to a student’s account.

Seven-Week Session Students

Any applicable federal and/or Berkeley College Institutional Aid (IA) will be disbursed in full, assuming students will attend all courses, including those in Session II (which does not begin until the eighth week of the semester). If courses are not attended, IA may be reduced/prorated. In addition, if a course or courses are not attended the loan funds received may exceed charges. In such cases, Berkeley College strongly recommends that students repay such excess loan funds immediately to avoid incurring unnecessary debt.

Students who fail to start Session II will be responsible for repayment of any refunds the College remits to them based on anticipated Session II attendance, which may result in a balance due.