General Information

Public Safety Department

The Berkeley College Public Safety Department works continuously to maintain a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. All members of the Berkeley community are encouraged to join in maintaining safe and pleasant places to learn, live, and work.

Students can help in several ways:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not leave belongings unattended
  • Report unusual or suspicious behavior
  • In the event of an emergency, contact the local police (911), security officer, or campus operating officer


On-campus parking is available for students at the Woodland Park campus. Parking permits, which may be obtained at registration at the Student Development and Campus Life Department, are required and must be displayed in the vehicles. Please note that general parking is prohibited in areas reserved for the handicapped or for visitors, faculty, or staff.

The College is not responsible for theft of or damage to vehicles or their contents. It is suggested that you remove items of special value, such as laptops, from your car or lock them in the trunk while parked on campus.

Fire Drill Procedures

Fire drills are held several times during the year for your protection. Please familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions posted in classrooms.


The College does not carry insurance on students' belongings and is not responsible for loss or damage from any cause. Students should arrange for adequate coverage on personal policies.

Contact Information

Contact information for students must be current. Students can change their addresses, as well as cell or home telephone numbers, through the Self-Service icon on Engage. To change a student’s name in the College’s records, the student must present legal documentation of the new name to the Office of the Registrar with a request to modify the name under which the student originally enrolled.


Prior to or during an emergency situation, the College may utilize BerkAlert to notify students of any pending emergency via text messaging and email. Contact information for students must be current in order for them to be reached in the event of an emergency. Students must access the Student Self-Service tab on Engage to update their contact information.

The Berkeley Store

School supplies and a selection of Berkeley College apparel and merchandise are available at the online Berkeley Store and an on-site store on the Woodland Park campus. Students may shop online and have their orders shipped to any Berkeley College campus for pickup at no extra charge. The Berkeley Store hours are posted on its website.

Most courses use eTexts and do not require traditional textbooks. If a traditional textbook is required for a course, the information, including course requirements, pricing, International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), and available textbook options may be found on the Berkeley Store's website. Textbooks are generally available two weeks before the start of each semester.

Students with financial aid credit may charge required course supplies other than books against the funds by submitting a "Transfer of Funds Request" eForm to the Student Accounts Department.

Books and Supplies

Charges for eTexts and print textbooks (and to a lesser extent supplies) are included in the tuition charge for most courses at Berkeley College. In compliance with federal regulations, students may choose, under certain circumstances, to opt out of the otherwise mandatory eText/book fees (and supply fees, if applicable) included in the price of tuition.

Most programs of study at Berkeley College utilize eTexts. Students may opt out of the otherwise mandatory eText fees (and supply fees, if applicable), if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Identical materials are legally available outside of the Berkeley College eText Program; be aware that some materials are created or customized for Berkeley College eText titles only, and are not available in any other format. See for a current list of such materials.
  • The student has not already accessed the Berkeley College eTexts title(s) or used the subject supplies.
  • The student submits his/her request to opt out via the Berkeley College eText Opt-Out eForm by the end of week 1 of the start of the term and agrees (within the eForm) to his/her understanding of the potential consequences as spelled out in the eForm and in eText Opt Out Policy. The student shall also agree (within the eForm) to release Berkeley College from any claim or consequence arising in connection with his/her choice to opt out.
  • The student’s Instructor and Academic Advisor will be made aware of the student’s choice to opt out of the Berkeley College eText program (and supplies, if applicable) and that the student has agreed to accept responsibility for the potential consequences.

Should a student choose to opt-out of the otherwise mandatory College eText (and/or supply) fees for any given class, the eText (and/or supply) fees for that class(es) shall be credited to the student’s account within approximately three (3) business days after submission of the Opt-Out eForm.

Click for more detailed information and the complete eText and Supplies Opt Out Policy.

A few programs at Berkeley College still use print textbooks.  Students in programs where print textbooks are used have the right to obtain them (as well as supplies) from other sources, so long as they meet the requirements for the course. In order to receive a credit for textbooks and/or supplies that are purchased from another source, a student must request a waiver from the Department Chair by the end of week 1 of the start of the term. The Department Chair will determine the appropriateness of the items. If approved, the Department Chair will forward that information to the Berkeley Store to verify that the items distributed by the College have been returned, and the waiver will be forwarded to the Student Accounts Department so that a credit can be applied to the student’s account within approximately three (3) business days.

Purchase and pricing information for print textbooks and supplies is available from the Berkeley College Store at