MBA Concentrations

MBA students are strongly encouraged to select one of the following concentrations before registering for their second session in the Program:

  • Accounting (Note: The Accounting Concentration is only offered by Berkeley College - New Jersey, at the Woodland Park campus and Online)
  • Financial Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Law Enforcement Executive Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Each MBA concentration is comprised of a four-course (12-credit) sequence which replaces the existing electives.

Accounting (Note: The Accounting Concentration is only offered by Berkeley College - New Jersey, at the Woodland Park campus and Online)

The Accounting Concentration is a set of courses designed to meet the needs of professional accountants. Public accountants provide accounting, tax, and auditing services. They also serve as expert witnesses in litigation and help clients prevent, detect, and investigate financial fraud. The Accounting Concentration includes accounting theory with a focus on professional research to resolve accounting issues, federal taxation concepts and applications, the auditing process in a data-driven environment, and forensic accounting combined with analysis of frauds and detection and investigative tools. In addition, the concentration provides a route for CPA candidates to complete the 150-credit hour requirement for licensure and to improve their performance on the CPA exam. Professional Licensure & Certification - Information about professional licensure and/or certification requirements for this program is available online at:

  • MBA6605 Accounting Theory
  • MBA6606 Advanced Taxation
  • MBA6607 Advanced Auditing
  • MBA6608 Forensic Accounting and Fraud


Financial Management

The Financial Management Concentration focuses on developing knowledge required for decision making as a Financial Manager. Financial managers analyze business trends, advise senior managers regarding financial issues, create financial statements and reports, organize investment activities, and develop strategies to maximize profits and reach the financial goals of their organization. Financial Managers work in many industries, including banks, manufacturing, service industries, investment firms, and insurance companies. The Financial Management Concentration covers financial institutions structure and operation, the analysis of financial statements, management of financial risk, the corporate treasury and topics such as capital sourcing and valuation.

  • MBA6660 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • MBA6665 Financial Statement Analysis
  • MBA6667 Corporate Treasury and Risk Management
  • MBA6669 Contemporary Issues in Financial Management


Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management Concentration offers a suite of courses covering subject areas important to Healthcare Managers. Healthcare Managers specialize in leading, directing, controlling and administrating healthcare facilities, departments, and organizations and have a key role in the delivery or healthcare services. The Healthcare Management Concentration covers the wide scope of healthcare systems and the healthcare environment overall. The economic and cost driven nature of the healthcare system comprised of government, non-profit, and private providers operating in a government regulated environment are included in the scope of study. The data rich health informatics field, including the role of the Electronic Health record are explored. Practical Case Studies are used to demonstrate the distinctive ways functional disciplines are used to manage healthcare organizations.

  • MBA6651 Healthcare Systems and Environment
  • MBA6652 Healthcare Economics
  • MBA6653 Healthcare Informatics
  • MBA6654 Practical Case Studies in Healthcare Management


Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management Concentration offers a suite of courses covering subject areas salient to Human Resources Managers. Human Resources Managers maximize the effectiveness of the organization workforce, develop compensation regimes, oversee the recruitment process, and manage many other employee related issues. The Human Resources Management Concentration offers a set of courses covering compensation and benefits and the closely related employee recruitment and selection process. Data Analytics and Workforce Planning processes, and the Analysis of Design of Work are also explored. Students also are put in the role of a consultant using an interactive approach to deliver a strategic plan for Human Resources to contribute to organizational growth and performance improvement.

  • MBA6640 Compensation and Employee Benefits
  • MBA6641 Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • MBA6643 Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management
  • MBA6644 Strategic Human Resource Management


Law Enforcement Executive Management

The Law Enforcement Executive Management concentration is intended for students who have taken the core Justice Studies courses (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Police and Society, and Criminology) in an undergraduate program and are seeking to acquire a graduate degree prior to entering the competitive field of law enforcement. The concentration also lends itself to career Law enforcement professionals who through the police academy, real-life experience, and in-service training will have the required foundational knowledge to succeed in the courses

  • MBA6100 Law Enforcement Executive Accountability
  • MBA6105 Law Enforcement Executive Leadership 
  • MBA6110 Crisis Leadership  
  • MBA6115 Law Enforcement Executive Policy and Planning


Marketing Management

The Marketing Management Concentration focuses on developing knowledge and skills required for decision making by marketing managers. Marketing managers analyze market and business trends, advise senior managers regarding marketing issues, create marketing plans and strategies, organize marketing activities, and develop initiatives to maximize firm profitability and reach the firm’s strategic goals through “top-line” revenue generation. Marketing managers work in almost any industry – domestic or international - whether for-profit or non-profit - and represent the highest ethical standards while doing so. The Marketing Management Concentration covers global marketing issues, the provision of customer service, the use of new media to accomplish marketing strategies and tactics, and analysis of current issues affecting the marketing of goods and services to the consuming public.

  • MBA6682 – Customer Service Management
  • MBA6683 – Global Marketing Management
  • MBA6684 – Digital Media Workshop
  • MBA6685 – Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management


Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management Concentration contains a category of courses focused on subjects pertinent to Supply Chain Managers and Logisticians. The many risks associated with managing domestic and international supply chains and risk mitigation are explored. Procurement strategies, international sourcing, and global supply chain management are addressed through case studies and other methods. The critical area of Supply Chain Logistics including e-commerce, 3PL, reverse logistics are addressed along with sustainability, and legal and environmental challenges. Data-driven decision making via the use of Supply Chain Analytics and Analysis, as well as relevant topics such as block chain and artificial intelligence are studied.

  • MBA6672 Global Supply Chain Management
  • MBA6673 Supply Chain Logistics
  • MBA6674 Supply Chain Analytics and Analysis
  • MBA6675 Supply Chain Risk Management