Campus Security and Emergency Procedures

The Public Safety Department is responsible for suggesting policies and providing guidance and information with respect to safety and security for the College community. Each year, in accordance with federal regulations, the College distributes a Campus Crime Report for each campus. These Reports contain security and crime-related policy statements and information; specified crime statistics; and emergency response policies and procedures.

The annual Campus Crime Reports for all Berkeley College campuses, are available on the Berkeley College website's Public Safety page.

Paper copies are also available upon request by contacting the Public Safety Department at 973-200-1172.

The College has various policies relating to public safety, including, but not limited to, a Conduct and Safety Policy, Emergency Management Plans and Evacuation Procedures, Drug and Alcohol Policies, Title IX (and Non-Title IX) Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy, a Weapons Policy, and an ID Policy. The College also has an education and resource brochure dedicated to incidents of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking (the “Violence Against Women Act Resource Brochure”). All members of the Berkeley College community are urged to familiarize themselves with these policies and materials, and with emergency procedures and evacuation routes for campuses at which they spend significant time.

The above referenced Public Safety related policies and procedures are posted on the Berkeley College Office of the General Counsel page; the Berkeley College Public Safety Department Page and the Berkeley College Title IX page. Paper copies are available upon request from the Public Safety Department.

To speak to a member of the College Public Safety Department, call 973-200-1172 or email: