Student Electronic Information Policy

Berkeley’s computer systems and associated hardware and peripherals are to be used for educational purposes only. The use of computers and the internet is a privilege which may be limited or revoked at any time. Computer usage may be monitored. Students should not have an expectation of privacy when using or connecting to any Berkeley networks, systems, or equipment, even if they are doing so to access their own personal email, social media, or other accounts. Students have a responsibility to use computers and the Internet ethically and lawfully (and with respect for their fellow students), and Berkeley reserves the right to report any suspected illegal activity to the appropriate authorities. Attempts to mislead others concerning a user's true identity are not permitted.

Any attempts to circumvent PC/Network security, damage, or tamper with any of Berkeley’s electronic resources, including software, hardware, network infrastructure; virus propagating; and sustained high volume network traffic; may result in disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal. Internet access is provided in all Berkeley College campuses for educational purposes. The College has installed systems that attempt to block offensive material and restrict access to other sites that have been known to monopolize network bandwidth or violate copyright laws.