For the safety of the College community, Berkeley College strictly prohibits the possession or use of any kind of weapon (including the use of an object or substance as a weapon) on College property or at events and activities sponsored by the College, regardless of whether such possession or use violates public law.

Upon written request, the Assistant Vice President, Public Safety and Emergency Management, or another officer of the College to whom the President of the College may delegate such authority (the “Authorizing Official”), shall be authorized to grant permission for a current federal, state, or local law enforcement officer or other person who may be required by law to carry a weapon; member of the armed forces; or campus public safety officer to carry firearms or other weapons on campus or at College-sponsored events and activities, only to the extent required by law or official rules of conduct applicable to such person and where, in the sole discretion of the College, the granting of such request would neither pose an undue danger to the Berkeley College community, nor subject the College to unacceptable legal or financial risk. Any such request may be granted only on the limited terms described in the Weapons Policy. If permission is granted, the student will be required to sign a written acknowledgment and agreement.

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