American Nurses Association (ANA) Standards of Professional Nurse Practice


The Standards of Practice describe a competent level of nursing care as demonstrated by the critical thinking model known as the nursing process. The nursing process includes the components of assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Accordingly, the nursing process encompasses significant actions taken by registered nurses and forms the foundation of the nurse’s decision-making. These Standards are being reproduced with the express written consent of the ANA.

Standard 1. Assessment

The registered nurse collects pertinent data and information relative to the healthcare consumer’s health or the situation.

Standard 2. Diagnosis

The registered nurse analyzes assessment data to determine actual or potential diagnoses, problems, and issues.

Standard 3. Outcomes Identification

The registered nurse identifies expected outcomes for a plan individualized to the healthcare consumer or the situation.

Standard 4. Planning

The registered nurse develops a plan that prescribes strategies to attain expected, measurable outcomes.

Standard 5. Implementation

The registered nurse implements the identified plan.

Standard 5A. Coordination of Care

The registered nurse coordinates care delivery.

Standard 5B. Health Teaching and Health Promotion

The registered nurse employs strategies to promote health and a safe environment.

Standard 5C. Consultation

The graduate-level prepared specialty nurse or advanced practice registered nurse 
provides consultation to influence the identified plan, enhance the abilities of others, 
and effect change.

Standard 5D. Prescriptive Authority and Treatment

The advanced practice registered nurse uses prescriptive authority, procedures, 
referrals, treatments, and therapies in accordance with state and federal laws and 

Standard 6. Evaluation

The registered nurse evaluates progress toward attainment of goals and outcomes.

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