Organizing Framework

The faculty agrees that a broad organizing framework incorporating the basic concepts of our philosophy will guide the curriculum. The organizing framework for Nursing Practice Program Outcomes of the National League for Nursing (NLN, 2010) is consistent with the philosophy for the Berkeley College LPN to BSN program and has been chosen as the guiding framework for our curriculum. The NLN framework is built upon the core values of caring, diversity, ethics, excellence, holism, integrity, and patient-centeredness.

The organizing framework consists of interrelated concepts that guide the curriculum throughout the program. They include the metaparadigm concepts of nursing, patient, health and environment supported by the integrating concepts of context and environment, knowledge and science, personal/professional development, quality and safety, relationship-centered care, and teamwork. These integrating concepts are threaded through professional nursing education and are demonstrated in the evolving outcomes expressed through concepts of human flourishing, nursing judgement, professional identity, and spirit of inquiry. This NLN organizing framework provides a broad and holistic guide to the curriculum; it allows continued growth of knowledge and skills in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.