LPN to B.S.N. Program Objectives

The objectives of the LPN to B.S.N. program are based upon the mission of the institution, the philosophy of the program, directives of the Institute of Medicine, and the needs of the public. The objectives of the LPN to B.S.N. program are to:

  • Prepare graduates who are competent when assuming the role and responsibilities of a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse.
  • Prepare graduates for success on the NLCEX-RN exam for entry into professional nursing practice.
  • Prepare graduates to serve in a diverse baccalaureate-prepared nursing workforce.
  • Prepare graduates for success in career advancement and graduate study.
  • Instruct students to employ HIPAA, OSHA, Standard Precautions, and other infection control measures in the healthcare setting.
  • Prepare students to effectively interact with patients, families, and members of the healthcare team in a therapeutic and professional manner.