Academic Progression and Grading Criteria

Passing Grade

The minimum passing grade required for all courses in the MSN program, which includes those with the following designations: NUR, MED, HEA, HRM, PBH, and SCI, is a B (80 percent). Any grade below a B (80 percent) is a failing grade. In order to pass a Nursing course that consists of both didactic and clinical/laboratory portions, students must receive at least a B (80 percent) for the didactic portion of the course and a P (Passing) for the clinical/laboratory portion. A failure in either the didactic or clinical/laboratory portion of a nursing course will result in a failing grade for the entire course. 

Repeating Courses

Nursing students who receive a grade of C+ or below in any course in the MSN program including NUR, MED, HEA, HRM, PBH, and SCI courses must repeat that course. A minimum grade of B in the repeated course is required to remain in the program. A maximum of two courses may be repeated once throughout the MSN program.

Note that failed courses may lead to repeat fees and may also delay graduation. Repeating courses may affect financial aid awards and completion of major requirements. Students should consult with Financial Aid and the Chair for Graduate Nursing for advice related to these issues. 

Automatic Dismissal

Students who fail three or more courses in the MSN program will be automatically dismissed from the MSN program. Students may not appeal their academic standing; however, they may appeal a course grade consistent with the procedures and rationale within the policy on Course Grade Appeals. Additional information can be found in the Graduate Catalog.