Clinical Clearance Requirements

In preparation for their clinical experience, students are strongly encouraged to review the Clinical Clearance Requirements forms, which are available from the Nursing Department. Clinical affiliates are becoming more stringent regarding health clearance documentation, and the absence of required documentation could delay or prohibit clinical placement.

Students are responsible for providing clinical clearance forms to the Clinical Coordinator by the determined due date for the applicable term. Therefore, students must maintain a copy of their own documentation of health requirements, mandatory certifications, and malpractice insurance. The Nursing Department reserves the right to make administrative changes to clinical placements as necessary.

Students are not permitted to call the clinical site at any time for any reason. If a student has a question or concern, they should first try to resolve it with their clinical instructor. If the clinical instructor is unable to help, the student should contact the Department’s Clinical Scheduling Coordinator. Any deviation from this procedure will result in disciplinary action by the Nursing Program Chair, up to and including removal from the clinical site and/or clinical course.