Attendance and Participation

Students enrolled in the Practical Nurse program are expected to demonstrate a commitment and dedication to the nursing profession through professional conduct that is consistent with the requirements needed to be successful in the healthcare industry. Nursing is a profession that demands attention to detail and a commitment to caring for others who are in need of assistance and who are vulnerable without it. For this reason, students are expected to exemplify this level of professionalism in their school attendance and participation.

The Nursing Department expects its students will recognize that they have entered a profession in which commitment to full participation in the learning environment is an essential component of what will become a style of life-long learning, and professional standards.

Clinical and Laboratory Class Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to attend all scheduled clinical and laboratory classes. In extraordinary circumstances, an absence may be granted at the discretion of the course/clinical instructor. The request will be reviewed by the Chair if necessary. This policy is designed for special circumstances and it should not be considered a guarantee that a student will be granted the permission.

Policies for the Practical Nurse program are as follows:

Clinical Attendance Policy

  • One (1) excused absence for up to 90-hour clinical.
  • Two (2) excused absences for 180-hour clinical.
  • Absences beyond what is stated above will result in course failure.
  • Students are required to make up the missed clinical hours within a designated time period as assigned by the clinical instructor. If the clinical hours are not made up as assigned, the student(s) will fail the course.
  • Missing the first clinical day/clinical orientation of the course may result in student(s) being dropped from the course.
  • Students must meet all required clinical hours listed on the course syllabus, as well as all course and clinical objectives, in order to achieve a passing grade for clinical.

Laboratory Attendance Policy

  • One (1) excused absence with mandatory "approved" make up, which will be assigned by the laboratory instructor.
  • Uniforms are mandatory while participating in any laboratory activity.

Clinical/Laboratory Tardiness Policy

  • Clinical or laboratory tardiness is defined as arriving after the designated start time for any clinical or laboratory experience.
  • A student who anticipates being late to clinical or laboratory, must directly contact his/her Clinical or Laboratory Instructor, as instructed.
  • The first tardy occurrence will result in a verbal warning and will be noted on the student’s weekly clinical evaluation.
  • A student who is tardy for the second time for any clinical or laboratory experience will be sent home and a clinical absence will be recorded.

A student failing either the didactic, clinical, or laboratory component of a nursing course will fail the entire course. Failure of a nursing (NUR) course is defined as any grade below the minimum progression requirement of C+.

*Students are reminded of the mandatory C+ (75 percent) grade requirement for all courses in the Practical Nurse program.