Student Clubs and Organizations

Join together to network, share, and lead.

Berkeley College encourages students to join or form clubs and organizations that address their interests and offer opportunities to network, share, and lead. Membership offers a place to meet new people, as well as an opportunity to develop important communication, organizational, and leadership skills. Clubs and organizations are social, cultural, academic, recreational, or service-oriented and are an excellent complement to the educational experience at Berkeley College. To find out more about student clubs and organizations, contact the Student Development and Campus Life Department at your campus.

Be a part of the SGA and represent the student body.

The Student Government Association (SGA) offers students the opportunity to not only be heard, but also to serve as the voice of the student body. In the SGA, students learn about relational and positional leadership, group dynamics, community representation, event planning, and delegation. Although the College’s Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for final policy decisions, student comments and recommendations are encouraged and heeded. Elected SGA officers meet regularly and act as liaisons between students and administration.