Course Withdrawal

Students who wish to drop a course must do so in writing and must have the approval of the Academic Advisement Department. Courses dropped during the first two weeks of classes do not appear on the student’s transcript. Withdrawal from a 15-week course between weeks three and 12 will result in a grade of WP or WF, which indicates whether the student was passing or failing the course at the time it was dropped.

Students enrolled in the Surgical Technology program are permitted to withdraw from one core Surgical Technology (SUR) or one Anatomy and Physiology course during the length of their Surgical Technology program. Students who withdraw from a second core SUR or Anatomy and Physiology course due to non-attendance or failure to complete required coursework will be dismissed from the Surgical Technology program.

A grade of W will be assigned to students who enrolled in but did not participate in a course. Students who do not officially drop a course will receive a letter grade that reflects their achievement.