National Security Courses

NTS2215 Introduction to Emergency Management 

Presents the basic principles of effective emergency management as they have developed over the past six decades, including the rapid evolution of the field in this century.

Prerequisite: JUS1100 Introduction to Justice Studies

3 Credits

NTS3308 Systems Security and Auditing

Examines the strategies for deploying and auditing secure systems. IT auditors primarily study systems and networks from the point of view of examining the effectiveness of their technical and procedural controls to minimize risks. Risk analysis and the implementation of best practice control objectives will be studied.

3 Credits

NTS4402 Digital Forensics

Focuses on identifying, preserving, and extracting electronic evidence. Students learn to examine and recover data from operating systems, core forensic procedures for any operating or file system, technical issues in acquiring computer evidence, and forensically sound examinations to preserve evidence for legal proceedings.

Prerequisite: NTS3308 Systems Security and Auditing

3 Credits