School of Liberal Arts

The liberal arts are an important part of a Berkeley College education. The School of Liberal Arts offers courses in Social Sciences, English, Humanities, Mathematics, and Science. These courses add value to the specialized, career-focused business, health, or professional studies training received by students.

The liberal arts curriculum works in concert with major program courses to develop students’ proficiency in the College Learning Objectives in reading and written communication, oral communication, critical reasoning and analysis, information literacy, understanding of multiple perspectives, and integration of learning.

Berkeley students are expected to learn about the issues and achievements that shape our world and that will contribute to their success as humane, self-aware, and intellectually curious members of the global human community. The well-rounded programs at Berkeley College are designed to prepare intellectually curious students for both personal and professional success.

Please note: Berkeley College reserves the right to revise course offerings, cancel scheduled courses, or make any other curriculum changes that the College, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. The College may limit an individual student’s course load as needed to facilitate the student’s academic success. Such changes may affect the estimated duration and cost of the student’s program. For more information, students should consult with an Academic Advisor.