Early Refund for Books and Supplies

In accordance with federal guidelines, students who meet certain criteria will receive a disbursement of financial aid funds to help cover the cost of books and supplies no later than the seventh day of each semester. The value of the early disbursement will be the lesser of $500 and the anticipated Title IV (Federal) Credit.

Not all students will qualify for this early refund. To be eligible for this early disbursement, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The student must be eligible for Title IV Aid;
  • Institutional verification/file review must have been approved no later than 10 days prior to the start of the semester; and
  • The student’s Federal Aid (without consideration of any other assistance such as State and Institutional Grants and/or Scholarships) is greater than direct costs payable to the College (tuition and fees, plus housing costs for students who obtain housing through the College).

A student who qualifies for an early refund for books and supplies, but does not want the funds disbursed, may opt out of the disbursement by sending an email to StudentFinance@BerkeleyCollege.edu. Students must put OPT OUT in the subject line and include their name and Student ID in the body of the email.

If notification of the student’s decision to opt out of the early refund is not received by the start of the semester, the funds may be disbursed. The OPT OUT will be good for the life of your education at Berkeley College until such time as you advise us to reverse it. You can do this by sending the same email, but put REVERSE OPT OUT in the subject line.

Please contact the Student Accounts or Financial Aid Departments if additional information is needed.