Four-Year Combined B.S./M.B.A. Option

Berkeley College makes it possible to earn both a B.S. and an M.B.A. in as few as four years.

High-performing students in certain Berkeley College B.S. Programs - in the School of Professional Studies and the Larry L. Luing School of Business -  have the option to complete a Baccalaureate degree and a Master’s degree in Management in just four calendar years. This option offers many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Graduate with an M.B.A. much sooner than through the traditional route
  • Expand career opportunities and earning potential with an advanced degree
  • Save significant tuition costs

This option is open to students in the following B.S. programs:

  • Justice Studies-Criminal Justice
  • National Security
  • Business Data Science
  • Information Technology Management

To complete in four years, students will attend full-time, three semesters per calendar year. Students must also complete all requirements for the M.B.A. in Management degree in just one calendar year, complete 1-2 M.B.A. core courses as undergraduate electives, and complete the remaining 30-33 M.B.A. credits in the three semesters of their fourth calendar year of study.

Berkeley College undergraduate B.S. students enrolled in the Four-year Combined B.S./M.B.A. Option may take graduate courses at Berkeley College. To be considered for the Four-year Combined B.S./M.B.A. Option, current Berkeley College undergraduate, transfer, and prospective students must meet the following admission criteria:

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.50
  • Full-time enrollment or intention to study full-time
  • Successful completion, with a B or better, in their undergraduate program’s core courses

Students meeting these criteria will receive a letter of invitation to apply for this option once they have earned 90 undergraduate credits. In addition:

  • Justice Studies-Criminal Justice and National Security students in the B.S./M.B.A. option will not be required to declare a concentration in their B.S. degree program
  • The M.B.A. core courses (3-6 credits) will count as  undergraduate upper-level major electives and will be taken after a student has completed 90 credits
  • Students in Justice Studies-Criminal Justice or National Security will also take two 3000/4000 upper-division electives

The student may take a maximum of two graduate courses (i.e., a maximum of six credits) during his/her undergraduate career.

Each graduate course will appear on the undergraduate transcript with a subject code, number, title, number of credits, and grade. The student may substitute these courses for any core or free elective available in the 8th (pivot) semester, the last one of their undergraduate studies. As part of the undergraduate transcript, each course counts in the student’s undergraduate semester and cumulative GPAs and total number of credits attempted and earned. 

If the student graduates with an undergraduate degree and matriculates into the Berkeley College graduate program, the student may also use these graduate credits to satisfy graduate degree requirements. These graduate courses will appear on the graduate transcript as graded transfer credits.

SAMPLE PROGRAM SEQUENCE - Four-Year Combined B.S. in Justice Studies-Criminal Justice

SAMPLE PROGRAM SEQUENCE - Four-Year Combined B.S. in National Security 

SAMPLE PROGRAM SEQUENCE - Four-Year Combined B.S. Option Business Data Science with a Concentration in Artificial Intelligence

SAMPLE PROGRAM SEQUENCE - Four-Year Combined B.S. Option Business Data Science with a Concentration in Business Analytics

SAMPLE PROGRAM SEQUENCE - Four-Year Combined B.S. in Information Technology Management