Honors Program Courses

HON1105 Honors Writing and Research

This first-semester honors seminar is designed to prepare first-year honors students for academic and professional writing beyond the traditional writing and research course. Honors students build writing skills through authentic readings and a multi-drafting process approach to writing essays including, but not limited to, narrative, argumentative, cause-and-effect, and research-based academic reports.

3 Credit Hours

HON2205 Honors Writing Through Literature

This second-semester honors seminar builds upon Honors Writing and Research. First-year honors students further develop their writing and reading skills through critical engagement and interpretation of literary texts from a variety of genres.

Prerequisite: HON1105

3 Credit Hours

HON2210 Pre-Honors Seminar

This third-semester honors seminar requires first-year honors students to identify and discuss an original perspective on a self-selected social justice issue. Honors students are required to write, develop, and present a final persuasive essay at the Honors Scholars Research Symposium.

Prerequisite: HON2205

3 Credit Hours

HON3310 Honors Seminar

This honors seminar is a study of moral controversies in medicine. Medical Humanities is the application of the humanities (the study of religion, art, literature, and philosophy) to the practice of medicine. This course explores issues pertaining to social justice from the history of violations of informed consent to the forms of inequality often found in clinical contexts.

3 Credit Hours

HON4400 Advanced Honors Research

This advanced honors seminar requires honors students to identify an appropriate research topic, create an annotated bibliography, write a focused thesis statement, and working outline using credible, academic, peer-reviewed resources.

Prerequisite: HON3310

3 Credit Hours

HON4410 Directed Honors Research

This final advanced honors seminar requires Honors students to write, develop, and present an in-depth and contemporary APA-style formatted research paper at the Honors Scholars Research Symposium. This course builds upon the previous academic writing and information literacy skills acquired from the first-year Honors seminars and Advanced Honors Seminar.

Prerequisite: HON4400

3 Credit Hours