Business Data Science Courses

BDS1100 Storytelling with Data 

3 Credits

Students are introduced to building and presenting compelling narratives and stories with data for multiple audiences through case studies, examples, and data visualization tool kits. The life cycle of a data science project is presented. Various strategies and techniques for building visual analytics and stories are utilized for the purposes of enhanced social impact and decision-making.

BDS2240 Programming for Computer Science and Data Science 

3 Credits

Students are provided with the skills to use Python programming for computer science and data science projects. Fundamental programming skills are emphasized. Python is utilized to manipulate data in data science practice and applications.

Prerequisite: BDS1100

BDS2260 Machine Learning

3 Credits

The theory and applications of machine learning concepts and algorithms are introduced. Key topics in machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, are covered. Additional topics include linear models for regression and classification, decision trees, support vector machines and kernel methods, ensemble methods, and dimension reduction. The machine learning algorithms are applied to solve problems with real data.

Prerequisite: BDS2240

BDS3360 SQL and Managing Data

3 Credits

Students develop proficiency in database design and acquire knowledge of SQL programming. NoSQL database systems optimized for big data analytics are covered. The focus is on demonstrating how relational databases, coupled with efficient programming, can help effectively manage data and deliver reliable results.

Prerequisite: BDS2240

BDS4410 Data Security and Privacy

3 Credits

Introduces the concepts, tools, trends, and technologies for data and application security. The focus is on examining data and information security methodologies for the control, protection, access, and the preservation of data integrity. Topics covered include secure databases and distributed systems, privacy, confidentiality, trust management, and cybersecurity.

Prerequisite: BDS3360

BDS4483 Data Science Internship

3 Credits

The internship experience is about exploring and understanding data science needs and practices within a real-world organizational context. The skills and knowledge acquired through academic experiences are integrated into the work and presented in reflective discussions and projects.

Prerequisite: Department permission 


BDS2210 Artificial Intelligence

3 Credits

Basic concepts, techniques, and a variety of applications of artificial intelligence are introduced. The processes and limits of human decision-making and learning in combination with AI systems are presented. This course includes hands-on exercises. Teams of students create an AI based application for the final project.

ITM3330 Object-Oriented Programming

3 Credits

Provides an introduction to the principles of computer programming using a current programming language such as Visual Basic, NET, C++, or Java. The focus is on basic principles of object-oriented design.

BDS4440 Advanced Programming for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

3 Credits

Provides advanced machine learning and Python programming skills for leading-edge computing technologies. These include artificial intelligence, big data and cloud case studies on natural language processing, IBM Watson cognitive computing, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, Hadoop, Spark, and the internet of things.

Prerequisites: BDS2240 and BDS2260

BDS4450 Applied Deep Learning and Chatbots

3 Credits

Introduces the concepts and applications of deep learning and theories behind AI-powered Chatbots and the tools for building and implementing them. 

Prerequisite: BDS2210 


BUS2210 Business Intelligence and Analytics

3 Credits

The fast-growing field of business intelligence and analytics is introduced. Quantitative methods, analytical software, and data analysis are integrated to facilitate analysis and comprehension of contemporary business issues and problems. An emphasis is placed on critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills.

ITM2260 IT Project Management

3 Credits

The IT project management lifecycle, from inception to post-implementation review, is introduced. Topics include the basic concepts of IT project management, and the initiating, planning, controlling, executing, and closing of projects.

ITM3313 Cloud Computing 

3 Credits

Introduces the underlying concepts of cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure, security, resource management, and business continuity. Emphasizes terminology and technologies in cloud environments and provides a general overview of the field of cloud computing in business and technology.

Prerequisite: ITM2210 or ITM2211 and BUS2210

BUS4420 Data Mining for Business Analytics

3 Credits

This course provides an overview of the fundamental principles and techniques of data mining for business analytics. Case studies will be utilized to place data mining techniques into context and to develop data-analytic thinking. Emphasis will be placed on real-world applications to illustrate that proper allocation of data mining is an art as well as a science. Analytics/data mining software will be utilized.

Prerequisites: BUS2210 and MAT2215, or MAT2218

BUS4430 CRM and Enterprise Systems

This course examines the software development life cycle and roles of enterprise systems. The topics covered include customer relationship management (CRM) systems, supply chain management (SCM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and the process of automating an organization's relationships with its stakeholders. Students explore the role of CRM in transforming an organization and gain hands-on experience in using them.

Prerequisite: MKT3322

IBS4420 Global Fintech: AI, Blockchain and Financial Modeling

This course introduces students to the key concepts, applications, and implications of innovations in financial technology (FinTech) such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and financial modeling in the context of global business and finance. Students will explore how technological advances in data and analytics are enabling financial sector innovations. A special emphasis is placed blockchain, financial modeling, and algorithmic trading and investment strategies.

Prerequisite: FIN3302