Economics Courses

ECO2200 Principles of Economics

Introduces students to the core concepts and principles of microeconomics. Emphasis is on real-world applications from a personal, business, and governmental perspective.  Topics include tradeoffs and opportunity costs, gains from specialization and trade, supply and demand, and the efficiency of markets.

3 Credit Hours

ECO2201 Applied Macroeconomics

Introduces students to the core concepts and principles of macroeconomics. Topics include the key measures of macroeconomic performance such as national income, inflation, and unemployment. Emphasis is on the links to the financial and monetary systems including an analysis of short-run economic fluctuations and the role of fiscal and monetary policy in influencing aggregate demand.

Prerequisites: ECO2200

3 Credit Hours

ECO4401 International Economics

Introduces the commercial and financial relationships between the United States and the rest of the world. The course emphasizes the development of the international monetary system, including a detailed comparison of floating exchange rates with the workings of the gold standard and the Bretton Woods system.

Prerequisite: ECO2200

3 Credit Hours