Patient Care Courses

PCT1010 Foundations of Patient Care

Introduces students to the roles and responsibilities of healthcare providers in nursing care settings, as well as the associated legal and ethical considerations. This course also introduces students to the fundamental components of patient care and the application of techniques and procedures required to provide basic care.

6 Credit Hours

PCT1320 Advanced Patient Care

Builds the foundational knowledge required to provide safe and effective patient care; nutrition and fluid intake; comfort, rest and sleep; as well as the management of patients with injuries; and how to assist in the nursing process of patient admission, discharge, and transfer.

Prerequisite: PCT1010

3 Credit Hours

PCT2320 Patient Care Practicum

Provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in all previously completed courses to the acute care environment or laboratory with the supervision of a New Jersey Licensed Registered Nurse.

Prerequisite: CPR certification and completion of all departmental physical forms, including purchase of malpractice insurance

Corequisite: PCT2700

3 Credit Hours

PCT2700 Patient Care Capstone

Requires the integration of knowledge, skills, and techniques attained throughout the program. Critical thinking and teamwork skills are assessed through workplace-based case studies. This course stresses entry-level job requirements, upward career paths, resume writing skills, interviewing techniques, and networking.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: PCT1320

3 Credit Hours